Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Night of the Living Dead

In chapter 6, Jon Ronson describes an interview he set up with Al Dunlap, a business man who was famous for running businesses into the ground and firing people right and left. Ronson visited Dunlap at his mansion and started asking him questions from Bob's psychopathic check list. Dunlap appeared to be a psychopath, but when Ronson asked him questions, he turned everything into a "leadership" quality, not that he was a psychopath. Ronson left unsatisfied with his discovery, he seemed to be confused himself as to whether or not Dunlap was a psychopath.
At this point in the reading, I started to thing"holy crap he is crazy!" I can't believe Ronson showed up at this guys house, who shows no remorse about any of his actions and asks him if he thinks he is a psychopath. Then I continued to read on, and in chapter 7, Ronson's friend (who is also a journalist) pointed out how crazy he is. Chapter 7 gave a little bit of insight into Ronson's home life, talking about his wife and what she thought of the whole thing. It was interesting that she was totally ok with him leaving for long periods of time. And the interview he had with Charlotte, man she is crazy too!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Research Questions

How does human trafficing still occur today without our notice?

I chose this question because the topic of sex trafficing is something that I am passionate about. About a year in a half ago, I went to Moldova where sex trafficing and prostitution is a huge problem. Girls are constantly giving themselves over to be sold or being taken by the mafia. Also, my best friend recently did a big project on sex trafficing and I was able to read her paper, it really sparked an interested in me about wanting to help stop the movement of sex trafficing. I want to start my research by talking to a family I know who lives in Moldova and find out how exactly many of these girls end up in sex trafficing. I also want to look at studies done on women who have been trafficied and find out how it has affected them. Lastly, I want to do some research on how I can help to end sex trafficing. Some of the problems I might encounter is finding interviews from actual people who have been trafficed, it seems to me that once you are in the business it is hard to get out. I think that some sub-questions that might pop up are things like how is this business kept so quiet here in America, what kind of psychological damage do these women have, and how many successful rehab facilities are actually available for the victims.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Psychopath Test

In chapter 4 of The Psychopath Test, Rohnson learned how to detect psychopaths in society by using a checklist created by Bob Hare. The chapter begins with Rohnson attending a conference put on by Bob in which Bob describes the checklist he has created and how it can be used to detect psychopaths. Bob explained that the first test he ever was conducted was an electric shock test in prison. It proved that psychopaths had short memory and didn't have anxiety. Not long after he started his electric shock tests, electric shocking was outlawed. Bob was forced to find a new way to determine who was normal and who wasn't, so he created a check list. Rohnson went to the seminar as a skeptic Bob's system, but after watching interviews and case studies with different psychopaths, he became a devout believer of Bob's PCL-R Checklist.
Chapters 4 and 5 were very interesting chapters about how to detect a psychopath in society. As I was reading chapter 5, I was wondering if they were going to talk about Adolf Hitler at all, and examine whether or not he was a psychopath. He seemed to have a lot in common with Toto. In chapter 4, when Bob was explaining his electric shock technique, it was creepy to read that psychopath's were not scared of the pain at all, and they would forget about it right after it was over. It helped explain why most psychopaths would commit crimes over and over again. One of my favorite parts of the chapter was the fact that John applying the checklist to himself and make up excuses as to why his actions were ok if aligned with one of the checklist characteristics.