Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chapter 8 & 9

In chapter 8 of "The Psychopath Test" Ron Johnson discusses the different beliefs that David Shayler held about terrorist attacks and his identity. The first one discussed was a bombing that happened on a carriage. Rachel North, who was a passenger on the carriage when the bombs went off, created several blogs discussing what had happened. Shayler was convinced that the bombing never occurred and that Rachel did exist, even after he met with her. Then Johnson discussed Shayler's beliefs about 9/11. Shayler believed that planes never crashed into the twin towers. He said that it was a hologram, and it only appeared that there was planes and he went on to say that there was actually no evidence that planes actually hit the towers. Lastly, Ronson discussed Shayler's belief that he was Christ, he declared several times that he was Christ and that God was testing him.
I think that theses two chapters were different from the other ones because it seemed that Rohnson wasn't so anxious to use the list as he had been in previous chapters. In fact, he even asked Bob if it was possible to over diagnose people. My favorite part was when Ronhnson told Hare how the receptionist at the hotel grabbed the phone out of his hand when he was trying to make a call. Instantly Hare declared that the receptionist was a psychopath and that was why he reacted so irrationally. It made me start thinking that maybe Hare is a psychopath and that is why he is so interested in this topic, and he was able to come up with the check list because it just describes himself.

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